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15 agosto 2009

Importance of Web Analytics for your SEO Campaign

Suppose you start your own website or even your own blog with an overwhelming enthusiasm. What next? Wouldn't you want the world to know that your web portal exists in an online battleground glutted with similar websites and blogs? If yes, then how would you go about differentiating your creation with the thousands of others to attract visitors before your enthusiasm dies down?

If you are a SEO expert, you would attempt by all means to optimize your website with titles, meta keywords, meta descriptions, SEO friendly URLs, sitemaps, optimized image names, among others for a set of keywords. You would submit your website(s) in the various directories and forums spread on the net. You would also try to get as much of new content on this website as possible, and as frequently as you can. You would do blog postings, create Twitter accounts and manage postings, bookmark on digg, delicious and the like, and participate in all social networking activities you possibly can. In short, you'll want to be the most referred website to get you on top of search engine results, from where the maximum of your visitor traffic will come. And if you're not an SEO expert, you will have to become one.

All is fine with the above rant, except that you always need a tool to measure how much your hard work on associating your website with certain keywords on search engines is paying off. And this where Web Analytics services come into the convoluted picture. Web Analytics services collect visitor and keyword data and enable you to understand where your marketing efforts are taking your website.

KPMRS lets you monitor your websites rankings on Search Engines
Once such Analytics Service that you will find very useful is KPMRS.com. KPMRS has a host of tools that can about how your website is performing on Search Engines and other marketing media. Instead of manually looking for your website at different search engine results, KPMRS enables you to monitor the rank of your website in different search engine results for the keywords of your choice, all at one place. In fact, you can find out rankings of any website on Google, Bing and Yahoo, on KPMRS. This service also has a slew of other features such as a Google Page Rank checker, Social activity monitor, Alexa Rankings monitor,Back Links tracker, KPMRS-Facebook connector, and their own KPMRS Widgets. A combination of these tools can help you stay briefed on the overall popularity of your website on the Internet, or the performance of your competing websites. Check out KPMRS to know how it can help you more.


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