15 febbraio 2010

Insert html code to be copied in Wordpress, Joomla! and Blogspot

Wordpress, Joomla!, Blogspot: insert html code to be copied to insert it in other blogs
I never had necessity to insert html code that did not have to be interpreted from Blogger… or better I had inserted, but with beautiful result much not to see. Searching in internet I have found an article to which I send back to you on the site Creare blog and of which I use also the image for understanding, us of was need, about what is spoken.


Of usual the code contains text link to own blog or also the link to image, antipixel or bannerini. In order to create a boxino is enough to copy this code in the place where it wants itself to be visualized:

<textarea rows="2" cols="10">
       <a href="wwwblog">
      <img src="wwwimage"/>

This html code can be used for Blogger Blogspot, but also for Wordpress, Joomla! and other CMS. 

On purpose: visit the page of the friendly Sites in order to visualize ours boxino and if you are interested to exchange the link.

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