7 marzo 2010

Improve Adsense earnings

How obtaining more from Ads: Adsense guide on where to put announcements
You have never participated to the Webinar? You don't know what are?
That are lessons to optimizing the Adsense announcements: position, colors etc. If you want to participate you can join, free of charge, to this address.
If however you don't have time or you do not want to wait for, below there are 2 useful images of immediate understanding and that
graphically give an idea of like setting up own blog in order to attract some more clicks.

In red the illustrated text and images announcements, in blue instead announcements with of link and in green the button of personalized search.
In order to deepen visit the guide of Adsense. You can leave from this page.
P.s.: excuse for my English!!!

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